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She will recover. I believe that.

Assalamualaikum gaissss. Today I wanna post about one of my best friend forever. She is a part of Tojah's group, Nana.

She was in pain for about 3-4 months I think. At first, she told all of us that her something was pain. So, I thought it just sakit yang bebiasa je. But almost everyday she keep repeating the same thing. Then, we told her to go for a medical check up. After dah pegi medical check up, she said doctor will call her parents if something tak kena dengan check up tu.

Then, one day masa memory card aku hilang, I called her to seek the memory card for me. But she was crying. She said doctor called her parents and her parents in their way to hospital. She was crying badly. Its a coincidence lah I called her time tu. So, aku pun bersiap and pergi sekolah semula, to seek the memory card and to keep her calm. I cant see her crying.

After that, her pain getting worst. Its bleeding! Memula sikit je bleeding but makin lama makin banyak darah keluar. Everytime darah tu keluar, she was like dying inside to deal with the pain that she had to face. Lagi merana tengok kalau nanah keluar sekali masa bleeding. And, setiap kali tu jugak dia akan menangis. Pernah sekali tu, aku macam biasa ah buas dalam kelas. Dia duduk bersandar dekat dinding belakang kelas. Lepastu dia panggil aku. She said, "Ila, come here. Duduk sini, jangan buas sangat.". Then, "Pegang tangan Nana. Kalau sakit jangan menjerit tau." Pastu dia mula cengkam tangan aku kekuat untuk tahan sakit time bleeding tu. Aku macam nak menangis. I felt like useless everytime see her in pain but nothing I can do to reduce it.

She terpaksa diet sebab doktor suruh. She cant eat nasi, seksa untuk kami tengok dia macamtu tbh. So, after a few weeks, she looks like had recover time spm tu. She getting well. But, unfortunately recently she told us that she is in hospital and doing chemo. She had cancer stage one. Ketaq tangan aku time tu. Cancer weh. Bukan benda memain. We never expect this would happen to her. She is a happy go lucky girl and always smile all the time. Hm.

Naaa, I know that it is not easy to face it all alone. I cant even hug you right now to keep you calm. I heard that chemo tu menyeksakan. Menyakitkan. But please, bertahan tau? You need to recover as soon as possible! We have a lots of plan yang belum dibuat termasuk overnight at your house. So please get well soon. I know you're strong. I know you can face all of these. God gives you this test because He loves you so much. You have to be strong because semorang sayang hang weh. You will recover, believe in yourself. Cancer stage one usually still can recover. I believe you can! Sorry cant be by your side when you have to face this pain alone. Im sorry for being useless. I love you so much, Naa ❤